Frequently Asked Questions

Alladerm Orange County

  • What are non-invasive Body Sculpting or Body Contouring treatment options?

There are multiple non-invasive options for body sculpting or body contouring. For fat reduction, there are cold or hot technologies. For instance, Coolsculpting uses cold technology to freeze fat and destroy fat cells. The heat based modalities use radiofrequency, ultrasound, or laser. TruSculpt is a radiofrequency based Body Sculpting device that not only destroys fat cells but also tightens skin. Red light devices such as the Red-Red 360 or Contour Light have also been shown effective shrinking fat cells and tightening skin.

  • Who is an ideal candidate for non-invasive Body Sculpting or Body Contouring?

Coolsculpting or TruSculpt may be a great option for those looking for spot treatments. Those needing more circumferential reduction may have better benefits with Red-Red 360 or Contour Light. Those with excessive weight could consider a combined approach of weight loss and body sculpting. We recommend a consultation to better evaluate and customize a treatment plan.

  • What is the cost of Body Sculpting?

Coolsculpting and TruSculpt cost approximately $600-$800 per area. Therefore full abdomen and back can cost $2400-$3200 per treatment. In general 2-3 treatments are recommended to achieve satisfactory results. Red-Red 360 or Contour Light cost approximately $200 for full body treatment. Although you may see results with the first treatment we recommend at least 6 treatments, but this is dependent on the individual goals.

  • Do we price match?

Our staff is highly qualified with our injectors and laser specialists having a minimum of 10 years of experience but we focus on providing quality at a competitive price. In many cases we can price match local offers within a 10 mile radius.